Paddy Roberts - Songs For Gay Dogs

Paddy Roberts - Songs For Gay Dogs


Label: Decca
Format: Vinyl
Country: UK
Released: 1963
Genre: Jazz
Style: Easy Listening, Comedy


A1 Three Old Ladies
A2 Down In Drury Lane
A3 Don't Use The W.C. Gentlemen Must Please Refrain
A4 Ten In A Bed
A5 Foggy Foggy Dew
A6 Lady Jane
A7 How The Money Rolls In
A8 The Woodpecker's Hole
A9 Turn Over
B1 Virgin Sturgeon
B2 Elsie Elsie
B3 Sweet Fanny Adams
B4 Sammy Hall
B5 The Whore Of Dunblane
B6 The Cow Kicked Nelly
B7 The Little Piggy
B8 That's All For Now

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